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Week 8: What if…?

During these 8 weeks in the “ Project community” I learned a lot about online communities, networks and platforms. Gained a lot of knowledge which is very important to have if you are going to design one, or even if you are not… Anyway it’s interesting.

 I had a chance to explore and experience many different networks, platforms and  because of that I saw which of them are the best, most popular and have the biggest success. As from a users perspective I can see, what is good and what is missing, what can be improved for more comfortable using and the more platforms I experience the more useful knowledge I get.

So if I would design my own online community, network or platform my main criteria would be, that there would definitely be a possibility to join the groups, because I think it’s important to have, for example, a private group if a user wants. To have a group for his own purpose and just add people he wants to add, or share minds about the certain things. The other thing which is no less important is that users could upload and share their files ( Photos, videos, music, documents etc..) with others and comment under each of file. Every information should be divided in categories, so users could find everything easily, just by typing the keyword in the search field. Platform or network has to be easy and simple to use, so everyone could understand it.

Again, as a user of some different platforms and networks I see some really good ones, for example Facebook (again), how I can stop talking about it and comparing with others if I use it every day, every hour and I’m not the only one. There are millions users, so that means, that this one is really good and somehow had involved so many people and still doing it.  For example our client in my personal branding group said, that about two weeks ago she HAD to join Facebook even if she really was against it ( I don’t know the reasons), but she also admitted, that she couldn’t fight against it anymore. Here you go, just a simple example. That means, that  if I would create something mine, platform for example, I would take an example from this one, but I would try to make it even more wide and more adapted for work. 

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Week 7 : Challenge would be accepted !

If I had a design challenge, of course I would join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching. Why?

First of all I should say, that I would really love to join the real work team group, who are going to help the world….

Because it’s a really great opportunity to see and know the world better, go to places where I had never been,  see it’s problems from different perspectives  and find the solutions, work on them, have my own group, the real work team who has one goal, for me it sounds amazing.

My group is called “Work Teams” and I would really love to try all things we had already discovered, try to work in a way we suggested, try the platforms that we put in the 1st place and just do everything what we already considered as the best way for the project to success.  I would like to see how this would work. For example the problem we thought of as a work team is “Improving water quality in Kenya”.  It’s amazing when I hear about the people who are helping in there, with an aim and honest wish to help others. I would be there, because in this way I would also gain a lot of knowledge about the certain things, I would improve myself and my work a lot, I would meet a lot of different people , ( Local people and the people I’m working with) learn a lot from them and of course teach them about what I know, well at least what they should or have to know.

These are probably the main reasons why I would accept this challenge !

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Week 6: Evaluating our learnings…

First of all, I think, that every person in this course, who had attended lectures and wanted to learn something has to say at least some things about their own leanings so far. I mean in these 6 weeks we already did a lot of researches, we met new people, we worked in groups and did individual assignments. That means a lot.


Talking about me I can say, that as I look back I see myself scared, unprepared and confused. By saying back I mean the beginning of this course, when I didn’t know what’s going to be here, what we are going to do and etc. Now I see myself more prepared, less scared, less confused and more communicative. I experienced working in groups and I learned a lot about and from that, for example I could say, that I’m more responsible right now and that’s probably because I don’t want to let down my group members, because I know how important is to do things right and to do them on time. I understood how important is working together as a team, even if you have an individual assignment you can always ask your friends, collaborate. Another thing is, that I see myself talking more, expressing myself loudly. In the beginning I felt comfortable just when I was talking with a few people ( I mean in English, since this language is not my native tongue) and now I can see how the amount of people is growing. I just feel more comfortable and I see how I am improving my English and knowledge. All these researches about certain things really helped and were interesting, I mean I explored a lot of new platforms and I found out some things about platforms I used for a while. I did the whole research about NGO’s and found it really important and interesting ( this was one of mine assignments in the group) and I enjoyed it. It’s just such a good feeling to see how I am improving my knowledge, myself.

My Group

My team is doing fine. All together we experienced a lot of things, learned how to be nice but at the same time strict to each other. We became friends, well at least I think so. There are some days when all group and even other groups are confused and it looks that they/ we lost the right track, but then we sit all together, discuss things, ask for help from our instructor and just moving on. This week we decided to collaborate with the other group, we presented what we have done so far and now I’m really curious how this will go. We did a lot already, found a lot of information, did many researches and now our purpose is to end this project right, so we started to make our final presentation. I just wish the best luck for us !

All of us…

As for the whole class learning I’m not sure how every of them are doing individually or as a group, but I can say, that from my perspective, as I look around I see a lot of people who are trying to do their best. I see that most of my fellow students wants to move on, they are curious about things, asking questions, discussing things, collaborating with other groups, sharing ideas. So good luck to all of them as well!!

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Week 5…

Today, as I look around me, I see the same people every day, the same faces: fellow students and instructors/ teachers, well at least these 5 weeks, who had already passed and of course they all have an important roles in my life, because I already started learning something from each of them and I will be learning for at least 2 more years, well I hope I will , but that’s how it works. Of course teachers are saying or at least gives a  clue about what we should do, they gives advices when we don’t know what to do next and a lot of other information, but at the same time they want to make students more independent, self -  confident and free to make their own decisions. This is the thing I really appreciate and never had before.

 Other people around me are my fellow students. I’m communicating with them every day, online and face to face. I can see what they are doing and I can ask advices as well, but the best thing is that I can learn so much and give some knowledge to others. We can share everything we know.

As for facilitating learning and teamwork I think that everything I already told helps, sharing ideas, asking advices, meeting each other in different spaces and etc. My group, for example, we always try to meet not only online, because I think (and probably my group members would agree) it is very useful to arrange a meeting in one place, I mean real place, so we could discuss everything, express us loudly, because then, for me it looks like everyone can hear you and pays their attention. It is much better than to write a comment under some document or file and wait for others reaction. I don’t say that it’s a bad option, of course we already experienced working in Skype, Facebook, or using Google hangouts and it’s always been and be useful, but I’d prefer, or at least wouldn’t forget  meetings in reality. It’s good to have people in your group you could trust and say if you need some help or just don’t understand something, they always helps with no judging. Well at least it’s in my group.

Every time when it looks like everything is kind of good, I can see, that  there is still a lot of space for improvement. I’m talking not only about the group work but about myself as well. For me it always looks like I/we forgot something or could add, but didn’t. Maybe it would be best to focus more on more specific things, because then I can pay all my attention to that one idea and don’t be distracted by a lot of other things. And what would facilitate our work and all course the most is probably that instructors shouldn’t make us so confused, because many others would probably agree it may turn as from the right track.

For your commenting on others’ blogs this week, maybe you notice where another colleague has contributed to your learning through their facilitation and let them know when/where it happened and how it was of value to you. Are you game for that?


I will do that ! 

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Week 4

A lot of platforms and even more tools…

First of all I had to think of the best platform(s) to use, then to understand how they help us (group) work together effectively and now tools…If I want to talk about this, then I have to mention the platforms I use again. As I mentioned in my last blog me and my group started using basecamp and now, differently than  the last week I found out how it works ;) And of course Facebook (again). 

Basecamp -  this is the platform I prefer to use for my group work ( a week ago I had a completely different  opinion  about basecamp, I actually didn’t want to use it) and it’s because of its tools. It has the to-do list, which is in the first place for me like a tool, you can put or check what you or others have to do and cross it out when it is done, before the deadlines of course, that’s great and everything there is really clear and well structured, there is a great opportunity to  discuss and comment every document without any distractions and all these makes work much easier and  more understandable. It’s created for work.

Facebook – I ,personally, still don’t want to change this platform, because it has all the tools I need for communication and everyone has it and everyone knows about it, so this is the platform I would choose to find more people, to communicate, involve more people in some kind of project(s) for example.  So, shortly, this is the place where you can look for more partners, advertising, looking for other advertisements,  because there you can find almost every people or company very easily.


Last week me and  my group had a “meeting “ in Skype , that was because we had some stuff to talk about our project. Well it was surprising, because we never talked in that way before, so we  used a video call, very useful tool by the way, but for me, unfortunately it didn’t get so well because of the bad sound quality ( still didn’t found out where was the problem), but let’s get back to what I really wanted to say.  After our conversation I realized, that I haven’t used Skype for a really long time. Skype probably was the first platform I started to use and it was really useful to me in that time and now I can see, that when I started to use Facebook I forgot about Skype and other platforms I used before, because it had everything I needed in one place. Smart .I believe, that after some time I and many others will change Facebook into some other new and improved platform without realizing it…I’m curious, What it will be?

About preferences.  Take everything you can…

It happens, that the other members of the group have different preferences, what happens then? For me it’s not so bad, because every people has his own opinion about everything and in these days  it’s not surprising at all …You can learn a lot from others actually and I really know what that means, I already experienced that and I appreciate it, but in that kind of case it’s best to talk and try to find a compromise, or  everyone just  should try to convince  others with the right and reasonable arguments why it’s the preference for him/her and maybe then, depends on arguments, others will change their minds. Everything can be solved.

Like I said every people has his own opinions, preferences and perspectives, so learning from other people can help in many ways…In technology stewardship as well.  How can you become a good technology steward without looking at others? Every time you hear what other people says, then it’s best to collect everything somewhere, because in many cases all that different information you have heard, all the preferences other people have can be useful , and yes it is challenging, because that’s how you can improve your work and yourself.

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Working in groups – New experience for me!

So here’s my third blog. What can I say now about it is that it feels more comfortable to do that now, than two weeks before. That’s a good sign, I guess. Of course this is because every week I’m learning how to express my opinion loud, how express it on the “paper”, on the blog(in this case) and a really big and important part of this experience is coming from working in groups…

The third week had already past and now I’m trying to collect all things in one place, I mean what me and my groups did through these weeks…I’m saying groups, because I’m  working in two of them, Completely different projects and people: “Personal Branding” and “Project Community”. It’s difficult for me and so confusing, that’s probably because I had never worked in groups before and I didn’t know what that means, until now, but what can I say now is, that I LOVE IT. It’s really interesting to share your minds and information, to discuss things, to hear completely different opinions than yours, to get some new and fresh ideas…Of course the one thing which is really very important is your group members, they have to be tolerant, respect opinions of each other, let others to share their minds, just be friendly. I can say, that I’m the lucky one , I have two best groups with a very friendly and smart people, that’s why our group works are going well, I think. What is working well for me is researching, searching information for the themes we are working on as a group, discussing all that online ( that’s why platforms are very useful) and offline, defining our goals and steps to achieve that, getting more and more information every day or even hour, improving group work and myself.

As I mentioned in the beginning, about expressing opinion and discussing it loudly…Yes, this is probably the most challenging thing for me, for now I mean, I don’t know why is that so, maybe because all my life I was kind of quiet, well let’s hope, that this will change, well I’m in progress, I’m doing it, but I know, that I could do that better. The other thing which is challenging for me is that for me it looks so hard to put all things together, to make them useful and understandable for others, to present all the information in acceptable and clear way ( I don’t know if you will understand this what I’m saying here, but I don’t know how to explain that better;))

Another thing, what I said about “messy and confusing” group works is probably my own fault, because I haven’t found a way how to combine all things ( I mean my both groups) yet. Now I have just a 3 weeks of experience at working in groups…and that is not much. What I’ll try to do differently is to make a list for every group and mark everything I have to search, think or research, to ask what is unclear, because I really want to improve my own experiences and the group work.

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Exploring Facebook Experiment…

I have started noticing, that every time I face an assignment , which says to think of something new, or research, experiment  the networks and platforms I face the Facebook page, It’s like the main thing I can tell about that, because that’s probably the only platform I’m using right now, were I’m communicating and sharing things all day long…

 Actually this week I joined “Basecamp”, because of the group work ( but I still didn’t found out how that works) and there is also a “Google” page which I use every time when I need some kind of information, but that’s another thing I think…, so let’s get back to the facebook page. All my communication is there, all the information I found out is also there, but the most amazing things, are that I use facebook for about a 4 years and until now I thought that it can be useful just for meeting your friends online and do the simple chating, sharing songs, photos and videos and “liking” each other, that’s probably because I had never done group works or used online networks for studies, it just wasn’t like that in my country at all…So now everyday I found out and explore something more about group works and studying in the online space, I’m experiencing completely new things, what I didn’t knew are on the platform I would say used for a while.

Today I had to make a  small research about the facebook tools, latest updates and stuff like that, so it was kind of experiment for me, to see what other useful things my favorite platform has, I didn’t knew … I was surprised and probably the best thing I liked, which I found out today,  was that you can make actual documents and create notes for you or your group just in that platform, which I thought were useless for that(I’m still talking about Facebook). I thought, that it’s great because you don’t have to upload files you made by “Microsoft Word” program or “notepad” which I was using a lot in my past. And the other thing I do like now is that you can turn off the chat, make yourself  “invisible”, or “visible” just for people you want to communicate or work with, cause until now I didn’t knew why do we need that and how it is useful, because of the thing I mentioned somewhere in the beginning(“ I thought it was just for chating and entertainment”).

Facebook is the platform I don’t want to change, because I know how to use it, I’m used to it and now I can see, that I can do more things with it, but I’m not saying no to other platforms, I want to explore them, to see what kind of things I can do there and I will find out that, I’m just happy, that I didn’t had to change my favorite network into another one because of it’s uselessness.



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What do you/we need and want to learn as you/we explore the application of online communities and networks to open innovation design?

From this question I made a question to myself: What do I/we have to learn, as open innovator(s), about networks and how they help us.

To answer this I had two options: to ask people on a platform or do that in person, so I chose both of them. The reason why I did that is that I wanted to see differences between answers from people I asked through the network and in reality. For the platform I chose Facebook. I chose just the random people for the research and the first reactions were: Why do you need to know that? And how is this important? First of all I had to think of questions which would help me to answer mine, so here are the questions I had asked:

1.       What do you think networking is all about?

2.       Are you more social or closed in the network? Why?

3.       What is the best thing you like about it?

4.       For what purpose do you use the network?

5.       Have you ever done the team work via network? If no, do you think this is a good way for the team work? Why?


Through all this research I have heard a lot of different answers, but I chose three answers from each question which were the most popular. So here they are:

1.       It’s about communications, searching information and entertainment.

2.       100% of people I asked had answered social, because, they are working with people from a lot of countries, likes to communicate and connect with people from other countries.

3.       Because information is reachable fast, that you can communicate for free all over the world and that the network has many options to choose where and what you want to do.

4.       For work, entertainment and information.

5.       90% said yes and 10% - no. The majority of the people told, that it’s a very good way to do that via network and the minority told that it can be distracting.


So to answer my question which was mentioned in the beginning I can use all the answers I got and say, that what we have to learn about the network is that this thing is and will be much more popular in the future, so what we, as open innovators, have to do and learn is how to improve it and make it more comfortable for users, for the simple people, we have to learn how to interview people and find out their hopes and expectations for the future,and of course through the network we are able to learn those things and to work on such things as a team.


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